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NEW PICS added Oct 2003

NEW PICS added Nov 2002

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Even Butts get signed at RV gigs

Previous Pics

West Side Heat 1987

Chicago Blues Fest 1990

Steve and JR Valentine

Steve 1987

West Side Heat 1984

Steve and Mad Dog Lester Davenport
Buddy Guys Legends 2/1998

Steve Arvey and Kraig Kenning
Chicago Blues Fest

Steve and Kraig – Crowd Pleasers
Chicago Blues Fest

Robert JR Lockwood Checks Out
Steve & Kraig 1998

Steve & Kraig
Chicago Blues Fest 1995

Fox Music Company 1997


Hubert Sumlin

West Side Heat 1990

with Illinois Slim
and Smokey Smothers

with Chico Chism

with Hubert Sumlin, Sammy Fender,
and Lavelle White

with Bo Diddley
Gainesville, FL 1980

Curt Obeda, Chico Chism,
and Wesley Foots Berry

Smokey Smothers
Chicago, IL 1982

Steve Cushing, Lester Davenport
Illinois Slim, Steve Arvey

Artsy Red Steve

Steve and Friend

Johnny Littlejohn
B.L.U.E.S. Chicago, IL 1982

Steve Promo Shot 1998

Illinois Slim, Little Smokey Smothers
& Steve

Steve and Uwe Gleich

Kevin Purcell and Steve
Buddy Guys Legends ’99

Chicago Rovers ’99

With Homesick James
CLUB B.L.U.E.S (Chicago 1982)

With Sugar Blue
Kingston Mines (Chicago 1982)

John Vilardo

Sammy Fender

With Johnny Littlejohn

Willie Anderson

With Lester Davenport,
Willie Anderson, Illinois Slim

With Homesick James
Chicago Blues Fest 1999

With Fruteland
Chicago Blues Fest 1999

With Kraig Kenning
Chicago Blues Fest 1999

Charlie Musselwhite
Buddy Guys Legends June ’99

With Mark Hoekstra
Buddy Guys Legends June ’99
Warming up Charlie Musselwhite

2 Goat Heads ’99

On top of Lone Star NYC ’84

Steve, May ’00

Pete Cornelius bites into pizza

Little Ed, Arvey, Catherine Davis, Sammy Fender

2004 australian tour poster

RV, OTIS RUSH, Mark Hoekstra

Rotterdam Bar Belfast Ireland

RV and Sammy Fender